Producer of BOPP and CPP film

Tailor Made Film

Every day we do our best and make every effort  to maintain the status of a reliable supplier and the leader among polypropylene film producers. This position could not be achieved without the great commitment of each employee, who contribute to the professional customer service, and to preserving the highest quality of our products. We understand all our Customers’ needs thus we try to get orders as quickly and safely as possible. We are experts in the polypropylene film industry because we are flexible and can react quickly to the constantly changing market, striving at the same time to make our film innovative, designed for individual needs. To make our products be " tailor-made”.

What do we do?

The main objective is to supply our customers with the highest quality of polypropylene film. It is worth mentioning that our portfolio includes  more than twenty types of products and we believe that our biggest advantage is to have one of the most technologically advanced production line in Europe, that enables us to produce any kind of oriented polypropylene film.


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Test results and certificates

Flexpol's polypropylene films BOPP and CPP (CAST) meet all the requirements for food contact products contained in the European Union directives and Polish laws. We have a Quality Policy and an Integrated Management System supported by BRC / Iop, ISO 9001. 



Our products are transported in original packaging, by any means of transport, in accordance with the applicable transport regulations and the safeguard of loading units against shifting, soiling and damage.


Get to know us via photos taken by our staff.


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