Producer of BOPP and CPP films

Tailor Made Film

The mission of our organization is to keep the reliable supplier status. The highest quality of our products, professional customer service and the fastest deliveries of goods are the means to earn this status. We manage to satisfy the most sophisticated client’s needs. In cooperation with our customers we design new, "tailor-made" products, adjusted to the individual demands. The predomination over our competition in the region has been assured by the accurate investments into equipment and modern technology.

What we do?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality polypropylene film. We offer over twenty kinds of films. Our advantage is the most modern production line in Poland, enabling the production of any kind of oriented polypropylene film.

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Attests and certificates

Offered by FLEXPOL polypropylene BOPP film and CPP film meet all the requirements of articles intended for contact with food contained in EU directives and Polish law.



The film is transported in original manufacturer`s packaging by any means of transport, in accordance with the transport regulations and securing cargo units from moving, dirt and damage.


We invite you to travel into the heart of Flexpol where you will see production hall, premises and other places of interest, which are linked to our company.


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